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Saying Goodbye To Carlos Beltran

Carlos Beltran photo above courtesy Keith Allison/flickr

Audio: George Brett in Cooperstown, 1999

By Ian Echlin

I have a special fandom toward Carlos Beltran ever since we were paired on-field. I was an honorary lineup participant around ten years old before a Sunday afternoon ballgame, and our short back-and-forth chat sticks with me to this day. Continue reading Saying Goodbye To Carlos Beltran

John Schuerholz Excluded From Royals Hall of Fame While Enshrined in Cooperstown

Perhaps the Kansas City Royals Hall of Fame executive board needs to be re-assessed.  Curt Nelson of the Royals Hall of Fame seems to be the only one who appreciates the roots of the success in the Royals franchise.  Sid Bordman, a former sportswriter for The Kansas City Star, wrote stories about the Royals from the team’s inception in 1968 and well past the first game in franchise history in 1969.  But he has never been asked to be a part of the committee that considers those from the Royals’ early days.  Consequently, some of the important early figures in the history of the Royals go unrecognized.

LINK: Greg Echlin’s full story for KCUR.org Continue reading John Schuerholz Excluded From Royals Hall of Fame While Enshrined in Cooperstown

Royal Agenda For The All Star Game

On the baseball diamond, the 88th All-Star game will be played with no World Series home field advantage on the line for the first time since 2002.  So what’s really going on amid the All-Star break festivities in Miami?  Most likely, a lot of text messages between GMs all over baseball and the Kansas City Royals are no exception.  The non-waiver trading deadline is just around the corner.

Link to Greg Echlin’s full story on KCUR.org Continue reading Royal Agenda For The All Star Game

Fans and Teammates Reflect on a Tragic Loss

Time.  Something we take for granted.  We thought, with time, that Yordano Ventura would be one of the best pitchers in baseball.  But Yordano’s time ran out tragically with a one-car accident that took his life at age 25 in his native Dominican Republic.  Though we figured that there would be so much more, the right-handed Ventura provided Royals fans with some electrifying pitching moments in his shortened Royals career. Link to Full Story with Audio Continue reading Fans and Teammates Reflect on a Tragic Loss

Memorial Service Held For Ballplayer Who Lived to 100

By Greg Echlin

While America went to the polls for Election Day, a memorial service attended by around 150 friends and family was held in small-town Ringling, Okla., for former major leaguer and Navy veteran Eddie Carnett who died shortly after he turned 100. Continue reading Memorial Service Held For Ballplayer Who Lived to 100

World Series Title Follows Joe Tinker Celebration In Kansas Hometown

By Greg Echlin

A part of history for the 1908 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs started in the small town Muscotah, Kansas, the hometown of Hall of Fame shortstop Joe Tinker. “Joe Tinker Day,” an event organized by the Kansas Sampler Foundation, featured descendants of the Cubs shortstop, a vintage baseball game and a billy goat.

With the billy goat in attendance, the Tinker relatives made their attempt to reverse the curse on the Cubs.   As the Cubs’ World Series drought ends in 2016, the Tinker descendants can finally be relieved.

Check out the full 2013 story here

Tinker with goat
Chris Tinker makes peace with a goat to end the curse on the Cubs. Tinker has a Joe Tinker baseball card inked into his arm.